Welcome to Dahava Tech Solutions.  So, what is Dahava Tech Solutions all about?  Here’s what we do:

Solve the tech conundrum experienced by nearly every telecommuter, solopreneur,  and small business owner…technology is supposed to help, not hurt.

We solve your tech problems through four distinct services. We: Coach, Teach, Mentor, and Serve. I’ll break these down for you to give you a little perspective.

Coach: Many of the software/service solutions we recommend are free to use or very low cost for your business.  All you have to do is understand that they’re available and how to integrate them into your operations/workflow. That’s where I come in.  I’m sort of a Tech Alchemist.  If an alchemist can take lead and make gold, I use low/no cost solutions to make you profit!  I can coach you through set up or transition to enable you to leverage these solutions to increase your profit.

Teach: When you read or hear about SEO, blogging, social media, Web 2.0, Facebook, etc, does your head hurt a little?  Probably.  Trust me, they’re important. You know it, I know it…you see it everywhere. But to someone busy running a business (you), the first thing that likely comes to mind is “great, four more things I have to become the expert at!”  Don’t worry, I can help.  There will also be a tutorial product line available soon to provide the focused training that you need on the specific software you use! So, teaching will be a big part of Dahava Tech Solutions.

Mentor: As a former military strategic planner, I was always used to being “The Idea Guy.”  Luckily, I’m a pretty damn good operator, too.  I’m available to consult during your team’s operational/strategic planning,  or be a matermind participant.  One caveat to this service that is non-negotiable:  I’m a business man but I will not participate, in any capacity whatsoever, in planning/operational efforts which run counter to my personal moral and ethical standards. Period.  It’s not all about the money for me.  There are plenty of other consultants that will likely jump at the offer.

Serve: We produce Entry-level and Advanced content management system (CMS) sites using the Thesis Theme for WordPress . What the heck is that????  It’s your site and blogging platform combined!  I only use the best and hands down, Thesis Theme is the best there is (you can check out the link by clicking in the Thesis box to the right…but trust me, search engines LOVE WordPress and Thesis is optimized for that).  And I don’t put a bunch of fancy bells and whistles on it that you don’t have time to learn anyway.  I have a saying (I’m kind of a “saying guy”): “You can plug a lot of stuff into Mr Potato Head…but you go too far and he’s no longer a potato and you can’t tell it’s a head.” Same goes for blogs/websites.  Suffice it to say, I can produce a professional, SEO optimized site (whoa, that’s two “optimized” in a row so it must be really good), and show you how to use it.  And I’ll likely beat your timeline.  Contact me for details.

Finally, I’m all about transparency.  Dahava Tech Solutions is just starting to grow.  As I transition from over 26 years in the military I’ve decided this is what I’m called to do…and I’m giving it my all.  So, get on board early ‘cuz Dahava Tech Solutions is ready to roll!


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