Is Your Business Keeping Pace With The World?

by dahava

Technology, advertising, social media…it’s how we do business.  We all need a better understanding of the changing nature of our world and the need to keep up. Or, we can just hop off…I guess.  As a business owner who needs to remain competitive, you feel the direct impact of the break-neck speed at which change is taking place.  So much so that sometimes it feels overwhelming.

Sure, it’s not too tough to keep pace with technological change personally, but the business changes can be a lot more difficult.  We need to prepare ourselves, our children, our employees, our advertising campaigns, our suppliers, and yes, even our customers, for technology changes.  It’s how your business thrives in a business world of “survival of the fittest.”

Just to drive the point home, I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this fantastic video on the progression of IT, relevance of curriculum, career paths/progression, competition for resources, etc.  I didn’t make it, it was researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman, then remixed…

What I can almost guarantee is that AT LEAST ONCE you’ll say “WOW,” and it won’t surprise me at all if you watch it again, save it, and pass it on.  It’s really that amazing.  Enjoy it…then ponder how you can exploit change for your business’ sake.  I’m here to help if you need it…it shouldn’t be overwhelming…it should be just…’whelming.”


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