Marketing in a Web 2.0 World

by dahava

OK, small business owners, here’s another great article worth a read on marketing in the digital age. Marketing is on a MUCH more level playing field now than it has ever been.  Remember the old sayings “the power of the press” and the “pen is mightier than the sword”?  Well, today, we all have that power…through our blogs, Facebook pages, all sorts of social media.

This article from Success Magazine, is an interview by Sandra Bienkowski with Stan Rapp.  Mr Rapp is a marketing icon and co-founder of Rapp Collins (now RAPP) and served as CEO of McCann Relationship Marketing.

A couple of areas of the article to key in on.  First,  marketing between the David’s and the Goliath’s of today’s business world is a much more fair fight:

“What’s the biggest difference for small businesses marketing in the digital age?”

There is so much that is available to small business today that is free in the marketing arena. It is right there in Google and other places. Google alone gives you the ability with search to put your message locally in front of people who have identified themselves as being in your target audience because they have said something in their e-mail, article or blog. You are right next to Kraft, Coca-Cola and all the others you can measure that response using the tools made available free, and you can analyze that response with the tolls made available for free by Google.’

Second, Mr Rapp hits the bull’s eye by saying that most small businesses can do it themselves for free (with a little sweat equity) or with just a little bit of help from another small business.

“What do you say to small-business owners who are overwhelmed by social media and all the digital tools available?”

“On one hand, marketing is more complex because there are more channels of distribution now. And the media that was once available is disappearing to some degree and there is a threat to some degree of further disintegration in the media world. But at the same time, it is simpler than ever for the small-business owner.

Maybe you can’t do it yourself. Find yourself a local person. Or find someone to teach you.
If you are a retailer and you are opening a restaurant or a retail store, find yourself some local advertising, people who are more comfortable using these digital tools. It will cost you next to nothing because they are really small entrepreneurs, just like you, who are looking for local business.”

I love that last line…my thoughts, exactly. I’m amazed at how many times people just need a little help over the rough spots.  That’s what we’re here for…


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