Whoa! Why No Posts?

by dahava

Slacking?  Guilty as charged.  Well, not really.  Actually I’ve been working diligently on my wife Vanessa’s blog over at GetSimplifized.com.  She is a Professional Organizer and is really beginning to build an incredible web presence with the blog, videos, her upcoming show on UStream called “Quick Tips” and the soon to be released Get Simplifized! Podcast.

On the face, her site and Dahava Tech Solutions my seem quite different.  However, they both really complement different areas of our lifestyle in one common aspect…Simplicity.  Our mantra at home has been Lifestyle:  Simplified…Designed.  Mine here at Dahava is Digital Life: Simplified… and Vanessa’s at GetSimplifized.com is Life:  Simplified…Organized.  I focus more on the tech and business end and Vanessa hones in on slashing clutter and developing processes to attain a simplified, organized life.

So, I’ll be paring down some older posts and you’ll be seeing newer, more tech focused posts here on Dahava in the coming weeks.  I have elevendy million articles and images saved in my Evernote account that deserve exposure here to help you improve your Digital Life!


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