Your Business: Message in a Bottle Advertising

by dahava

Just wondering, when was the last time you picked up the Yellow Pages or one of those other Yellow Pages wannabes to search for business information?  I can’t remember the the last time I did.  Those books go straight into the recycle bin around here.  I honestly get a little peeved that “they” feel they can just drop those books off at my front door and then I have to deal with the 5 pound behemoth.  And I think, “who uses these things anymore?”  I mean really, it’s the equivalent of having a coal truck come by to dump some coal down the chute for my furnace, or the ice man delivering a block of ice for my icebox.   Has anyone clued in the alphabetizing guy at the Yellow Pages about this thing called Google?  Sadder yet, has anyone clued in small business owners who are actually paying for ads in the Yellow Pages?  I’m talking thousands of dollars per year for a display ad that you hope someone is going to turn to, then you hope they’re sucked in by the beautiful yellow background color and popping black ink on tissue paper thin stock.  They can’t control themselves…you’ve hooked them and they call.  Wow…I doubt it.  I call this message in a bottle advertising.  Just write it down, roll it up, stick it in the bottle, throw the bottle in the ocean and kick back for the masses to come flowing to your business.

Google “business blogging” and you’ll find over 20 million links.  It’s that important.  Customers don’t really worry if you don’t have a blog, because your competitors likely do.  They’ll go to them.  Customers won’t even notice if you’re not listed in Google Maps…they just click on your competition’s link.  If you don’t elicit enough passion in your product for people to “like” or “fan” your Facebook business page, then they’ll get passionate about someone else’s.  If you think “who’s going to fan my page, anyway?’, think again.  C’mon, it’s 2010, we’re in the throes of the digital age…even that song that gets stuck in your head has a fan page with a boatload (actually, an ocean liner load) of fans!

Bottom line…it’s time to go for it!  Start a blog, build a Fan Page, build a presence in social media.  You don’t need to over do it…just the right amount to bring eyes in your direction. If you need help, let me know…it’s what I do.

Or, you could take out another Yellow Pages ad…

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